Nuance is a Danish design brand with a bar and wine collection created of innovative, beautiful and functional products. The philosophy behind Nuance is well crafted functionality and a simple and minimalistic look.

"Every Nuance product is the work of a designer. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our collection and on individuality within the design team. We have assembled a team of designers each of whom has his or her own interpretation of the Nuance style and mode of expression. Each designer encapsulates and interprets impulses in a different way", says Kåre Dehn, Nuance brand manager.

Taste for Design

Featured Product List

Nuance Wine Finer
Pourer stopper, which decants, aerates and filters wine as you pour DETAILS
Nuance Digital Wine Thermometer
To measure wine temperature, simply hang over the neck of the bottle. DETAILS
Nuance Wine Bottle Opener
Designed to effortlessly undo the screw cap on wine bottles and other screw-top bottles. DETAILS
Nuance Waiters Tool
Professional waiters' friend suitable for use with natural cork and artificial stoppers. DETAILS
Nuance Wing Corkscrew
Pulls even the most defiant corks! DETAILS
Nuance Corkscrew
Highly functional corkscrew that effortlessly removes even the most defiant cork! DETAILS
Nuance Cocktail Shaker
Elegantly designed, practical touches. DETAILS
Nuance Cocktail Shaker
Distinctive cocktail shaker with black soft touch exterior finish. DETAILS
Nuance Muddler / Pestle
Sleek polished finish adds elegance to your barware. DETAILS
Nuance Measuring Cup
Unique design, straddles cocktail glass or shaker. DETAILS

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