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Nuance Vacuum Stopper

Wine Stopper provides an air-tight seal and fits all bottle sizes.

SKU: NU462323
Size: 3.1" / 8cm
Colour: Black
Colour Options:
Category: Entertaining

Price: $25
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Additional Product Information & Features

Perfect for when you wish to save wine in an opened bottle. Insert stopper into the opening of the bottle and pump up and down with the lever to create a vacuum. Wine Stopper provides an air-tight seal and fits all bottle sizes. By preventing oxidization, the stopper prolongs the life of the wine by several days. Store bottle in upright position.

About Nuance

The philosophy behind Nuance lies in the name itself. The small, carefully designed details, combined with functional Scandinavian design, is the nuance that makes the entire difference. Nuance gives you an elegant and aesthetic design and an innovative and practical product rolled into one.

With the majestic and beautiful swan as part of its logo, Nuance wishes to emphasise and place the focus on the Scandinavian element in both the design and the ongoing development of the entire Nuance range. In the same way as the swan, Nuance is also both a delight to the eye and a synonym for carefully considered 'functionality'.

Nuance is therefore perfect both as a treat to spoil yourself with and as a gift for a lucky recipient.

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