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St RegisSwissmar is pleased to announce a partnership with St Regis Group for the distribution of Swissmar's product range to the Corporate and Promotional market in both Canada and the US!

This partnership combines the strength of the two companies to ultimately better serve this market.

St Regis Group has an outstanding reputation in this industry and is a leading provider of promotional goods in North America. Their high standards of quality, salesmanship, marketing, and customer service make them a perfect partner for Swissmar and our line of high quality home and kitchenware products.

Please contact your current St Regis Group representative or reach out to their head office at info@stregisgrp.com for general inquiries.

You may also browse the Swissmar product line directly on the St Regis Group website by following this link:


Thank you,
Daniel Oehy, President

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P & I products can be purchased through our Distributor, St. Regis.

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