Swissmar Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Knife

Hi, I'm Patrick McMurray, self proclaimed Oyster Geek!

  • Guinness Record Holder for 38 oysters opened in one minute
  • 5-time Ontario Shucking Champion
  • 4-Time Canadian Shucking Champion
  • 1-time North American Shucking Champion
  • 2-time World Champion
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada Restaurateur

I am also the creator of the Shucker Paddy Universal Oyster Knife. Ergodynamically designed - using my BPHE degree - U of T '92 (makes Mum happy). This is the knife I use daily, period. As they say,

"You're only as good as your tools.."

Shuckingly yours,

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Shucker Paddy Unique Design
Unique Design
The unique ergo-dynamic Dual Axis Pistol Grip design keeps the forearm in alignment with the blade for maximum transfer of power. Dual axis lever = less force to open oysters.
Shucker Paddy Blade
The nontraditional, slightly longer 3" blade with tapered tip is the perfect sharpness and length for all types of oysters. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel (HRC 55-58).
Shucker Paddy Safety
Integrated finger guard and non-slip handle offers superior protection when shucking. Light weight high-impact injection moulded non-slip PP handle provides highest in sanitary qualification.
Shucker Paddy Versatility
Ambidextrous – Suitable for left or right handed.

The Shucker Paddy Evolution

Food trends may come and go, but some things in gastronomy never change. This holds true to eating with these salty, slippery gems called Oysters. Picture this: Patrick McMurray's worktable is littered with tiny, slimy, living creatures. His right hand swerves dangerously back and forth, sharp steel flashing, digging, prying and separating oyster shells in clean, uninterrupted motion. Shucking for almost 20 years and countless accolades, Patrick has perfected the art of shucking oysters, therefore developed an Oyster Knife that will let you, Professional or at home, to "Shuck with Ease".

Shucker Paddy Evolution

The Shucker Paddy, is the result of three years experimentation and 50 prototypes. The knife's handle fits the palm like a pistol; a 3 inch notched stainless-steel blade is where the pistol's barrel would be, with sharpened edges top and bottom. Traditional oyster knives have only one axis, running straight down the blade, but the Shucker Paddy has two - one down the blade, the other down the angled pistol grip. That dual axis gives the knife a lot more leverage and less force required.

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The handle on a traditional oyster knife is a teardrop or pear-shaped knob. "It tapers toward the blade and doesn't provide enough contact in the palm," says Mr. McMurray. His restaurant kitchens shuck about 4,000 oysters a week. The difference is akin to turning a doorknob compared to a door handle. Holding the Shucker Paddy palm down, you firmly wriggle the point of its blade about 2 millimetres into the oyster's hinge. Then twist your wrist clockwise (counter-clockwise if you're left-handed). As the knife's tip rotates, the oyster pops open. The world is your oyster.

Shuck with ease, Shuck like a pro!

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