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Zyliss Kitchen Products

Zyliss products enable you to enhance the aromas, colors, sounds, flavors, and textures of your food throughout the entire cooking journey.

Whether you’re chopping, dicing, slicing, blending, or grating, Zyliss is there to streamline your food preparation, ensuring that you create delightful culinary experiences that will become cherished traditions for generations to come.

Behind every Zyliss product is the ‘design to delight’ principle. A belief that all these products should not only do a brilliant job, simply and efficiently, but also make our customers smile every time they use them.

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Zyliss Housewares and Cookware


Our Cheese Graters are used in restaurants all over the world. It has a drum and separate handle for easy cleaning. Our graters are NSF certified , and use a rotary style grater, with a fine grating drum.

Our Smooth Glide Rasp Graters are perfect for zesting citrus and grating nutmeg and chocolate. It cimples complete with a protective cover, that doubles as a food catcher, an ergonomic handle with a non slip tip and foot, for greater stability when using. A protective cover is also included, and the grater is easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

Our Egg Cutter cleanly and quickly slices and wedges delicate hard-boiled eggs. Made from long lasting, high impact plastic and stainless steel, it is small and easy to store. Integrated shell-piercing tool vents a small hole in the egg to prevent eggshell from cracking while boiling. It is also dishwasher safe.

With adjustable stainless steel edge blades, use our Dial & Slice Cheese Slicer to cut bite-sized of cheese.

The 4 in 1 Slicer/Grater is the perfect all in one tool for prepping food. The SmoothGlide™ pusher secures food in place without damage. Built-in vertical feed-tube for slicing longer foods safely.

Tracked food holder for better control when in use. It
comes with both coarse & fine grating options with acid-etched blades, Non-slip feet, bowl rest & handle, and the whole unit folds up nice and compact.

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Discover the world of culinary excellence with Zyliss Chef Knives, the perfect companions for chefs and home cooks alike. These precision-crafted knives offer razor-sharp stainless-steel blades that effortlessly glide through various ingredients, allowing for smooth and accurate cutting.

Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and optimal control, making every culinary task a breeze. Versatile and durable, these Chef Knives become an indispensable part of your kitchen, elevating your cooking skills and presenting dishes with professional finesse.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a food enthusiast, these top-tier knives are the key to unlocking your culinary brilliance.

Chef, Bread, Santuiko, Paring, Utility, Serrated, Sandwich and Crinkle Cut Knives are some of of the options we offer. Buy them on their own, or as 2-6 piece sets.

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Step into the world of Zyliss Bakeware, where the pursuit of baking perfection harmonizes with cutting-edge innovation! Enhance your baking endeavors with our exceptional range of nonstick pans and muffin trays, meticulously crafted to transform your baking into a delightful and hassle-free experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned pastry chef or an enthusiastic home baker, this Bakeware is your trusted partner in revolutionizing your culinary creations.

Immerse yourself in the advantages of our state-of-the-art non-stick technology, ensuring flawless food release and effortless cleaning, thereby simplifying both your baking and cooking endeavors. With Zyliss Bakeware, bid farewell to sticky mishaps and say hello to flawlessly shaped muffins and cakes on every occasion.

Our commitment to even heat distribution guarantees consistent baking results, while the enduring construction assures durability and unwavering reliability.

Our bakeware collection includes various sizes of Oven Trays, Baking Trays, Baking Sheets, Springform Cake Pans, Cake and Tart Pan Removable Bases, Loaf Pans, Square Pans, Muffin Pans and Pizza Trays. We also offer high quality Measuring Spoons and Cups, Spatulas and Bench Scapers.

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Experience culinary excellence with Zyliss Cookware, an innovative collection of kitchen essentials meticulously crafted to enhance your cooking endeavors. From nonstick frying pans to versatile oven ranges, these sturdy and adaptable tools ensure seamless cooking and uniform heat distribution.

With this Cookware at your disposal, you can unleash your culinary creativity, experimenting with an array of flavors and techniques to turn each meal into a work of art.

These exceptional pans offer nonstick brilliance, promoting healthier cooking without compromising on taste, while their oven-friendly design provides flexibility in your culinary methods.

Choose cookware that’s designed to endure the test of time and elevate your cooking to new heights with Zyliss Cookware. Fry, Grill or Saute to your hearts content!

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Zyliss Twist Seal Food Storage Containers are the ultimate answer to effortlessly and precisely preserving food. These containers are equipped with innovative twist-lock technology, ensuring a secure and airtight seal that keeps your food fresh while preventing any unwanted spills or odors. Their smart design allows for convenient stacking, saving valuable space and maintaining organization in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Crafted from robust materials, Zyliss Twist Seal containers are engineered to endure the rigors of everyday use, making them a dependable and indispensable addition to any kitchen.

Upgrade your food storage game with the Twist Seal storage container and say goodbye to flimsy containers that fail to keep food fresh. With various sizes available, these containers cater to all your storage needs, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook.

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Zyliss Kitchen Products will upgrade your kitchen to a professional level, with products for every aspect of cooking and baking. 

Zyliss is only avilable in Canada at Swissmar! Come visit our Richmond Hill location, or check us out at our website store!

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