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Swissmar Raclettes

Contemporary Raclette

Contemporary Raclette Contemporary Raclette recipes have evolved to embrace diverse flavors and innovative approaches while maintaining the essence of the traditional Swiss dish. Modern interpretations of Raclette involve experimenting with different types of cheeses beyond the classic Raclette, incorporating artisanal and flavored varieties to enhance the dining experience. For a more Contemporary Raclette North American… Continue Reading Contemporary Raclette

Meat Fondue

Traditional Meat Fondue

Traditional Meat Fondue Traditional meat fondue is a beloved Swiss culinary tradition that brings together friends and family around a communal pot of hot oil or broth for cooking bite-sized pieces of meat. Traditionally, the dish involves preparing beef, although variations might include chicken, pork, or even game meats. The meat gets sliced into small… Continue Reading Traditional Meat Fondue

chocolate fondue

Traditional Swiss Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue was created by a Swiss Chef living in New York in the 1960s and traditional swiss chocolate fondue is the perfect way to stir up a dinner party. It is practically effortless to prepare and your guests can participate and enjoy a fun and delicious chocolate dessert at a relaxed pace.  Swismar carries… Continue Reading Traditional Swiss Chocolate Fondue

Swissmar Fondue Pots

Traditional Cheese Fondue Recipe

Traditional Cheese Fondue – Swissmar There’s a certain magic that unfolds when friends and family gather around a bubbling pot of melted cheese, accompanied by an array of delectable dippables. This magical experience is none other than indulging in the time-honoured tradition of cheese fondue. The very act of dipping, swirling, and savouring the rich,… Continue Reading Traditional Cheese Fondue Recipe